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Can be found in one place: San Felipe.

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At Tejo La Embajada, we work with the best hotels, hostels, and tourism agencies to offer special plans for experiencing Tejo in Bogotá. We welcome vacation groups, corporate events, and university treks.

Our flexibility and creativity in designing tailored plans, combined with our high-quality service, have earned us recognition as one of the best tourist attractions at the ANATO Tourism Showcase.

Discover with us a magical and memorable experience for your travelers. 

A tejo game like no other.

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Between heritage and national sport

Tejo is Colombia’s national sport, and its historical importance is also part of the country’s cultural heritage. Practiced for more than 500 years by the native Muisca community, Tejo is an activity of celebration that connects people who play it.
At Tejo La Embajada, we exalt this sport and become ambassadors of Colombian culture. Explore with us this ancestral heritage, which, combined with innovative gastronomy and service focused on details, becomes a story of enchantment.

Become an ally

We are passionate about connecting with hotels, hostels, and tourism agencies that value the cultural richness of Colombia. We develop close relationships with them to understand the particular characteristics of their guests and travelers and to serve them in the best way possible.

Schedule your inspection visit with us to experience Tejo at Tejo La Embajada first-hand.


It's time for drinks and more fun! Learn more about our bar here!


After tejo, the party begins! At 11:00 pm, our tejo court turns into a nightclub with the best cross-over music played by our resident DJ and guest DJs.

In addition, once a month, we have a big event around Colombia's traditional parties.

Celebrate your events at Tejo la Embajada

Can your events be unique and unrepeatable moments?

Of course they can, and here we celebrate them in a very Colombian atmosphere. What do you want to celebrate?

We are Tejo La Embajada

We are ambassadors of Colombian culture and we celebrate our traditions in a unique way.

Tejo, the ancestral activity practiced by the indigenous Muiscas more than 500 years ago, is the essence of our place.

We play it with friends from all over the world to tell them about the magic of being Colombian.

This is not a normal Tejo. It’s an explosive Tejo