La Embajada

Come and see the #1 Tejo courts in Bogotá

It’s time to take your celebrations to one of the best places in Bogotá to share with friends, family or colleagues and doing one of the most Colombian things to do which is playing tejo!

Enjoy a typical «picada», craft beer and unique moments.


Play Tejo with your friends

Come and meet us, book your Tejo court and celebrate even the little moments with your friends.

Tejo: How to play it, rules, story and more

You want to know a little more about how to play Tejo, its history, its rules and much more

Celebrate an unforgettable
birthday playingTejo

What could be a better way to enjoy a celebration
than in the best style of Tejo in Bogotá:
Learn about our plans here!

Tejo is Tourism

Due to its cultural
importance and as a national sport,
Tejo and tourism are linked.
Discover our plans for
tourism agencies.


It's time for drinks and more fun! Learn more about our bar here!


After tejo, the party begins! At 11:00 pm, our tejo court turns into a nightclub with the best cross-over music played by our resident DJ and guest DJs.

In addition, once a month, we have a big event around Colombia's traditional parties.



Taste the flavor of Picadería La Embajada
Our restaurant offers delicious and innovative Colombian food. From traditional «Lechona» marinated in craft beer to vegetarian and vegan dishes, everyone eats here.

Celebrate your events at Tejo la Embajada

Can your events be unique and unrepeatable moments?

Of course they can, and here we celebrate them in a very Colombian atmosphere. What do you want to celebrate?

Tejo Stories

We are Tejo La Embajada

We are ambassadors of Colombian culture and we celebrate our traditions in a unique way.

Tejo, the ancestral activity practiced by the indigenous Muiscas more than 500 years ago, is the essence of our place.

We play it with friends from all over the world to tell them about the magic of being Colombian.

This is not a normal Tejo. It’s an explosive Tejo