Corporate events with tejo.

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We are the ally for companies to have a memorable moment playing Tejo. We have extensive experience working with companies of all sizes; from startups looking to launch products in a disruptive environment, to multinational corporations choosing Tejo La Embajada for their employee gatherings.

We were chosen as one of the top tourist attractions in Bogotá by the District Institute of Tourism for our dedication to Tejo and for creating a gastronomic experience around it, with a team that pays attention to details.

Let’s make it a blast!

Why Tejo for my company?

Employees already have enough of the same old team-building activities. Companies that pride themselves on offering innovative products and services to their clients should have the mindset of doing the same for their employees.
That’s why we have seen more and more companies finding Tejo as a different and fun activity that promotes values such as teamwork while employees get to know each other while playing together.

Corporate Tejo plans

We have designed Tejo plans specifically tailored for our corporate clients.

In addition to having a differentiated price, our plans combine the Tejo experience with food and beverages (including non-alcoholic options) for a comprehensive activity. Request our portfolio of experiences.

Tejo La Embajada in the Media

We are a Bogotá brand

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Tejo La Embajada is the first tejo venue in Bogotá to be backed by the official city brand, Marca Bogotá.

Recognized as an innovative proposal in cultural entertainment, we work with the District to showcase a new way of experiencing tourism in the capital of the country.